Uncensored Bugs Bunny Collection: 15 classic cartoons on DVD, Looney Tunes

November 16, 2016 - Comment

ATTENTION: Please read this description and inspect the photos closely before you buy. This is not an official dvd release. It is a compilation of cartoons that have entered the public domain and are therefore legal to use commercially. The 2nd photo is what the dvd will look like when it arrives in the mail.

ATTENTION: Please read this description and inspect the photos closely before you buy. This is not an official dvd release. It is a compilation of cartoons that have entered the public domain and are therefore legal to use commercially. The 2nd photo is what the dvd will look like when it arrives in the mail. I make these dvds (menus & such) myself and they are 100% legal to make. If you have any questions at all, please contact me before you buy. Thank you so much. This is a fan-made collection of Bugs Bunny cartoon shorts on dvd. DVD Features: * All Bugs Bunny cartoons are listed in their *chronological order* by their original theatrical release dates* 100% Uncut & uncensored* DVD menus to let you choose which cartoon you would like to watch* 1 “Censored Eleven” cartoon that was banned from ever being shown on tv* WWII US military propaganda cartoons* The disc is in All Region/Region 0 format — Will work in any DVD player worldwide! * Each dvd comes in a slim plastic case* This dvd was made BY a fan FOR FANS. It was made with you, the fellow Looney Tunes enthusiast, in mind. How this DVD is made: All of the cartoons on this DVD have entered the public domain, so this DVD is 100% legal. The dates of creation & dates each cartoon entered public domain are shown below. These DVDs are made on my computer with .mp4 files & DVD creation software. I make and do everything myself. It is not a copy of any other DVD that exists. (Please see “Legal Information” section below for more info.) What is the video quality like? Buyers, I have listened to you! You told me that you want high quality video. You got it! :) Each cartoon has been digitally remastered. Some cartoons still suffer from age deterioration after the digital restoration process, but they’re mostly of very good quality. Please check out the photos above for actual screenshots of the DVD. *******DISCLAIMER*******: These cartoons are products of their time, so they do feature ethnic stereotypes/racist content. It is intended for the adult collector and has objectionable material which may not be suitable for children. I, the seller, do NOT agree with the racial stereotyping and do NOT hold the same viewpoints that are shown in these cartoons, but am making them available for historical purposes only. Full list of cartoons on this dvd: 1. Prest-O Change-O [one of the 1st Bugs Bunny cartoons], 3/25/1939, 3/25/19672. All This and Rabbit Stew ["Censored Eleven" banned cartoon], 9/20/1941, 9/20/19693. The Wabbit Who Came to Supper(with Elmer Fudd), 3/28/1942, 3/28/19704. Any Bonds Today? (WWII propaganda film, with Elmer & Porky), 4/2/1942, 4/2/19425. The Wacky Wabbit (with Elmer Fudd), 5/2/1942, 5/2/19706. Fresh Hare (with Elmer Fudd), 8/22/1942, 8/22/19707. The Case of the Missing Hare, 12/12/1942, 12/12/19708. Wackiki Wabbit, 7/3/1943, 7/3/19719. Falling Hare, 10/30/1943, 10/30/197110. A Corny Concerto (with Porky Pig & Daffy Duck), 11/25/1943, 11/25/197111. The Unruly Hare (with Elmer Fudd) 2/10/1945, 2/10/1973 Bonus Cartoons (Bugs Bunny makes cameo appearances in these): 12. Porky Pig’s Feat (Daffy & Porky) 7/17/1943, 7/17/197113. Gas (Private Snafu) 5/1944, 5/194414. Three Brothers (Private Snafu) 9/1944, 9/194415. The Lion’s Busy (Leo the Lion & Beaky Buzzard) 2/18/1950, 2/18/1978 Legal Information: * These dvds are made exclusively by me. They have custom menus and are not copies of any other Looney Tunes and/or other dvds or blu-ray discs that exist.* I only use public domain material. Anything else is illegal.* What is “public domain” material? These are works that are no longer copyrighted and are legal to use commercially. A work can become public domain due to its age or by failure to renew copyright.* I have purchased a business/commercial license from the dvd-making software company that I use. * Ebay has a strict policy against selling unauthorized copies of dvds or copyrighted works. They also have a strict public domain policy, which I follow and adhere to. All listings for the dvds that I make have to be closely reviewed and approved by Ebay before they can be made available for purchase. If you are able to view this listing, that means that Ebay has approved it, so rest assured! :)* Is this a bootleg? No. I do not and will not sell bootleg junk. It is illegal and disrespectful to the copyright owners. I also do not want my buyers to purchase bootleg garbage, thinking that it is real. If you are still not sure, please contact Ebay to ask them about the validity of this listing and/or obtain further information about how public domain material can be used.* I own the copyright for this dvd’s format. It is illegal to make and sell copies of my dvds. Please check out my other auctions for more cartoon dvds & other great stuff. I combine shipping on anything that I currently have for sale. Check out my 5 star feedback from my happy customers & bid with confidence. :) If you have any questions, just ask. I’ll be happy to help you! Payment Info: Paypal. Please pay for your item within 48 hours after the auction ends. You have 48 hours after the auction has ended to contact me if you are unable to pay. This is your responsibility. I’ve had to report several non-paying bidders to eBay before and I really hate to do so. Please be sure to pay on time so that this will not happen to you. Shipping Info: I will do my best to make sure that your item is packed as safely and securely as possible. I ship every day except Saturday & Sunday. Your item will be shipped out the next business day after cleared payment is received. Buying more than 1 item from me? Get combined shipping! I can combine shipping on my other items to save you money. When your auctions end, please wait for me to send you a combined shipping invoice before you pay to make sure that you won’t be overcharged for shipping. If you need a combined shipping quote, just email me & I will provide one for you. Returns: Due to buyers abusing Ebay’s return system, I have been forced to charge a 20% restocking fee on my dvd listings. I don’t want this to happen to you so please make sure to read the entire description and closely inspect all of the photos before you buy. If you would like to see more dvd screenshots or have any questions at all, please let me know first because I will be happy to help you. All of the dvds are tested first, but if it is defective, I can send you a free replacement. I want you to be happy and am willing to work things out with you, so be sure to email me with any problems before leaving negative feedback. International Buyers: I usually ship items through Ebay’s Global Shipping Program through default. However, if you need cheaper shipping options, please let me know & I can lower the shipping cost for you. Customs and other factors out of my control can slow down the shipping speed. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks before your item(s) will arrive. I really appreciate everyone who bids on or buys my items!THANK YOU SO MUCH! Have a very wonderful and blessed day! :)


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