Looney Tunes Banned and Censored 83 cartoons on DVD Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck + More

November 22, 2016 - Comment

Please Read all information completely so that you understand what you are purchasing. This is a collection of 83 Looney Tunes cartoons that have been either banned or censored when shown on the television airwaves. Every cartoon has been transferred to DVD from my private collection of film and tape that I have collected over

Please Read all information completely so that you understand what you are purchasing. This is a collection of 83 Looney Tunes cartoons that have been either banned or censored when shown on the television airwaves. Every cartoon has been transferred to DVD from my private collection of film and tape that I have collected over the past decades. All cartoons are complete and unedited, the way the artists intended them to be. I do not claim that these transfers are “DVD quality” or “restored” in any way, they are simply digital transfers from the best source that I have for each cartoon. The pictures in the listing are actual screen captures from the DVD’s. None of these cartoons has been transferred from any other DVD that has ever been previously produced and there has never been any official release of this collection. I am making these cartoons available to the collectors, enthusiasts and fans of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies characters that the directors and artists from the Warner Bros. studio have made famous. These great cartoons are rarely shown on the cable and satellite stations anymore, if at all. Some of these cartoons have not been seen in their entirety since their first appearances in theaters. Please realize that these cartoons where made for adult audiences and are a product of their time, and therefore may reflect racial and ethnic stereotypes of the period as well as feelings and attitudes during wartime. If any of this subject matter is offensive to you then please do not purchase. I have spent many hours transferring these cartoons to make them available to other collectors of these great works of art that are slowly fading away. All DVD’s come with menus and each cartoon can be selected individually. I only use quality DVD-R’s for recording, all DVD’s are region 1, all DVD’s come in a slim case, none of the DVD’s or the slim cases has any artwork. I check all DVD’s before shipping but if you find that one happens to be defective upon receipt I will replace. I will ship to the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO only. If you would like to purchase, please make payment thru paypal within 24hrs. If you are a fan of the old Looney Tunes and long to see them again, as well as some you may have never seen, you will be very happy with this collection. Below is a list of each cartoon as they appear on the DVD’s menus. Thank you for your interest. This auction is listed in accordance with eBays public domain policy. I have researched every cartoon that appears on these DVD’s to verify that they are in the public domain. Cartoons released prior to 1964 become part of the public domain 28 years after the original copyright expires as long as the copyright owner does not renew the copyright in the 28th year with the US Copyright Office. All of the cartoons that appear on these DVD’s have met this requirement. Also, in accordance with eBays policy, I must list the original copyright date for each cartoon as well as the date that it became part of the public domain. Next to the name of each cartoon are those dates, the first is the original copyright date and the 2nd is when it entered the public domain. Bugs Bunny 1930’s Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt 1/7/41 – 6/7/69 Hittin’ the Trail for Hallelujah Land 11/28/31– 11/28/59 All This and Rabbit Stew 8/30/41 – 8/30/69 Goin’ To Heaven On A Mule 5/19/34 – 5/19/62 Fresh Hare 8/22/42 – 8/22/70 I Like Mountain Music 6/10/33 – 6/10/61 Bugs Bunny Bond Rally 7/12/43 – 7/12/71 How Do I Know It’s Sunday 6/9/34 – 6/9/62 Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips 4/22/44 – 4/22/72 Buddy In Africa 4/20/35 – 4/20/63 Hare Ribbin – Dir Cut 6/24/44 – 6/24/72 Sunday Go To Meetin’ Time 8/8/36 – 8/8/64 Herr Meets Hare 1/13/45 – 1/13/73 Clean Pastures 5/22/37 – 5/22/65 A Feather in His Hare 2/7/48 – 2/7/76 Uncle Tom’s Bungalow 6/5/37 – 6/5/65 Mississippi Hare 2/26/49 – 2/26/77 Sweet Sioux 7/3/37 – 7/3/65 Frigid Hare 10/7/49 – 10/7/77 Speaking Of the Weather 9/4/37 – 9/4/65 Which Is Witch 12/3/49 – 12/3/77 September in the Rain 12/4/37 – 12/4/65 Bushy Hare 11/18/50 – 11/18/78 My Little Buckaroo 1/29/38 – 1/29/66 Big House Bunny 4/22/50 – 4/22/78 Jungle Jitters 2/19/38 – 2/19/66 Southern Fried Rabbit 5/2/53 – 5/2/81 The Major Lied ‘Till Dawn 8/13/38 – 8/13/66 Yankee Doodle Bug’s 8/28/54 – 8/28/82 The Isle of Pingo Pongo 5/28/38 – 5/28/66 Wideo Wabbit 10/27/56 – 10/27/84 Little Pancho Vanilla 10/8/38 – 10/8/66 Horse Hare 2/3/60 – 2/3/88 Detouring America 8/26/39 – 8/26/67 Sioux Me 9/9/39 – 9/9/67 Mighty Hunters 1/27/40 – 1/27/68 Porky Cross Country Detours 3/16/40 – 3/16/68 Porky’s Romance 4/3/37 – 4/3/65 Porky at the Crocadero 2/5/38 – 2/5/66 Injun Trouble 5/21/38 – 5/21/66 1940’s & 1950’s Wholly Smoke 8/27/38 – 8/27/66 Confederate Honey 3/30/40 – 3/30/68 Jeepers Creepers 9/23/39 – 9/23/67 The Hardship Of Miles Standish 4/27/40 – 4/27/68 Pilgrim Porky 3/16/40 – 3/16/68 A Gander at Mother Goose 5/25/40 – 5/25/68 Porky’s Preview 4/19/41 – 4/19/69 The Fighting 69th-1/2 1/18/41 – 1/18/69 Robinson Crusoe Jr. 10/25/41 – 10/25/69 Goofy Groceries 3/29/41 – 3/29/69 Porky’s Baseball Broadcast 7/6/40 – 7/6/68 Aviation Vacation 8/2/41 – 8/2/69 Patient Porky 8/24/40 – 8/24/68 Lights Fantastic 5/23/42 – 5/23/70 Wagon Heels 7/28/45 – 7/28/73 Nutty News 5/27/42 – 5/27/70 The Ducktators 8/1/42 – 8/1/70 Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs 1/16/43 – 1/16/71 Inki Tin Pan Ally Cats 7/17/43 – 7/17/71 Tokio Jokio 5/15/43 – 5/15/71 The Little Lion Hunter 10/7/39 – 10/7/67 Russian Rhapsody 5/20/44 – 5/20/72 Inki and the Lion 7/19/41 – 7/19/69 Goldilocks and the Jivin’ Bears 9/2/44 – 9/2/72 Inki and the Minah Bird 11/13/43 – 11/13/71 Angel Puss 6/3/44 – 6/3/72 Inki at the Circus 6/21/47 – 6/21/75 Bacall To Arms 8/3/46 – 8/3/74 Caveman Inki 11/25/50 – 11/25/78 The Oily American 7/10/54 – 7/10/82 Two Crows From Tacos 11/24/56 – 11/24/84 Crows Feat 4/21/62 – 4/21/90 Daffy Martian Thru Georgia 12/29/62 – 12/29/90 Scalp Trouble 6/24/39 – 6/24/67 The Henpecked Duck 8/30/41 – 8/30/69 The Daffy Duckaroo 10/24/42 – 10/24/70 Scrap Happy Daffy 8/21/43 – 8/21/71 Daffy the Commando 11/20/43 – 11/20/71 Plane Daffy 9/16/44 – 9/16/72 The Stupid Cupid 11/25/44 – 11/25/72 Mexican Joyride 11/29/47 – 11/29/75 Wise Quackers 1/1/49 – 1/1/77 The Scarlet Pumpernickel 3/4/50 – 3/4/78 Previous feedback received on this collection Very Satisfied, great collection. Thanks! Fantastic Seller !! a unheard of five star review * * * * * A very special Seller. Honest and Valuable. Definitely a Keeper! Five Stars!A#1! Awesome collection!!! Will definitely deal with again!!! A+ A+ A+ Fantastic seller! Great DVD and blazing fast shipping.Bless you! Better than described. Excellent collection, Thanks!!!! ::::::GREAT SELLER:::::::: fast shipping A+++ was great,very pleased with product,couldn’t be better Thank you for a great transaction ! Good product quality My husband loves this DVD. That is all we are watching. Thanks so much ! discs are as advertised classic art and entertainment, need to be saved &enjoyed REALLY LOVING THESE CARTOONS – GREAT ALL AROUND – THANKS – 10 STAR SELLER Great seller, accurate description, good communication, great product. THANKS This listing violates no copyright law and does not violate eBay policy. All cartoons contained on these DVD’s are in the public domain. This listing has been approved by eBays Trust & Safety team so you can purchase with confidence. Although these cartoons are in the public domain, I have created this unique collection containing only these individual cartoons with menus, background pictures and some other minimally creative content. There has never been any release of this particular set of cartoons previous to mine and as such I own the copyright to its creative and intellectual content. Because of this reason any duplication of these DVD’s in part or in whole without my consent violates the copyright on my creative and intellectual content. Any violations of this intellectual copyright will be reported.


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